What To Know About The Diversity Visa Program


If you have the right qualifications and wish to immigrate to the U.S., the Diversity Visa program might be right for you. This program grants permanent visas (also known as green cards) to 55,000 people each year. While that number has been lowered to 50,000 – temporarily – the program still represents a valuable opportunity for those that meet the guidelines to enter the U.S. legally. Read on to find out more about this program.

14 March 2019

What To Do When Your TPS Status Ends


The United States has a history of offering refuge for citizens from countries experiencing turmoil. Where serious natural disasters, political upheaval, or civil war have created unsafe conditions in a foreign country, the citizens of that country can receive temporary protected status (TPS) from the U.S. government. TPS is not designed to last forever, so you must have a plan in place if you want to remain in the United States once your TPS status ends.

12 August 2018

Would Your Spouse Be Blocked From Re-Entering The U.S. Due To An Unlawful Presence?


Immigration laws are not always set up to keep families together. If you are trying to adjust the status of your spouse to permanent resident, he or she might have to go back to their birth country for a consular interview. However, if they have been here unlawfully, whether they came here without documentation or their visa has expired, they may be blocked from coming back into the U.S. for three or ten years.

13 December 2016

Beyond Family: 4 Ways to Get a Green Card without a US Citizen Relative


Do you want to immigrate to the United States? Your best path may be with a green card, which allows you to live in the United States as a permanent resident and eventually become a citizen. For many people, the easiest route to a green card is through a relative who is a United States citizens. Spouses and immediate family members of citizens are given first priority for green cards. Extended family members get secondary priority.

24 June 2015

Types Of Removal For Illegal Immigrants


Even though you are not an American citizen, you are still afforded certain rights. One of those is that you cannot be removed from the country, even if your immigration status is illegal, unless you undergo a certain legal process. However, there are some instances in which the government decides to forego the usual legal steps required and have you deported. Expedited Removal Whether or not the government can use an expedited removal to deport you depends on how you gained entry into the country.

9 June 2015