Seeking Refuge In the United States

When most people think about immigration, they imagine people sneaking in from other countries or trying to hide from criminal charges. What most people don't realize about immigration, however, is how difficult it is to live other places. In my native homeland, I had a difficult time feeding my kids on a shoestring budget, and I worried about safety on a daily basis. I needed an immigration attorney to make my dreams of a peaceful existence possible. I created this blog to help you to see how much of a difference the right legal counsel can make, so that you don't have to worry about the future.

Retaining an Experienced Removal Attorney to Represent Your Case


When you have been targeted for deportation, you want to do everything in your power to stay here. You do not want to risk being sent back home, particularly for something that may not necessarily merit being deported. 

Instead of taking your chances in court, you can do all that you legally can to defend yourself. You can benefit by hiring a removal attorney to represent you. 

1. Arguing Your Case to Remain

It can be challenging for immigration attorneys to view defendants in court as anything more than just random numbers and cases. They may fail to appreciate the humanity behind the case that comes before them.

When you hire a removal attorney to represent you, you gain a legal advocate who can put your name and face to your case. They can argue for why you should be allowed to remain here and why it would be unjust to send you back home. Your lawyer can make sure that the judge realizes that you have reasonable fears, sadness, and disappointment at the thought of being deported.

2. Proving Your Safety

Much of the case to send you back home may involve a crime that you allegedly committed. The immigration authorities may have put limitations on your visa that stated that you would be sent home if you committed a crime. 

Even if the crime is a misdemeanor, you could still face being deported. Your removal attorney can argue for why you pose no threat to society and should be allowed to stay here. They can even show that the crime was a misdemeanor and not a violent offense that would put the rest of the community or country at serious risk.

3. Renewing Your Visa

Finally, your removal attorney can negotiate with immigration authorities to get your visa renewed. Instead of pushing to deport you, the authorities can instead decide to renew your visa. They may give you another chance to prove that you are worthy of staying in the country and not running afoul of the immigration agency again. You may be allowed to stay in the country for several more years, during which you can apply for citizenship.

A removal attorney can provide critical benefits to you when you face deportation. They can argue on your behalf and explain that you should be allowed to remain in the country and that you pose no risk to society. Your lawyer can also renew your visa. Contact a local law firm to learn more. 


25 February 2021