Seeking Refuge In the United States

When most people think about immigration, they imagine people sneaking in from other countries or trying to hide from criminal charges. What most people don't realize about immigration, however, is how difficult it is to live other places. In my native homeland, I had a difficult time feeding my kids on a shoestring budget, and I worried about safety on a daily basis. I needed an immigration attorney to make my dreams of a peaceful existence possible. I created this blog to help you to see how much of a difference the right legal counsel can make, so that you don't have to worry about the future.

What To Do When Your TPS Status Ends


The United States has a history of offering refuge for citizens from countries experiencing turmoil. Where serious natural disasters, political upheaval, or civil war have created unsafe conditions in a foreign country, the citizens of that country can receive temporary protected status (TPS) from the U.S. government.

TPS is not designed to last forever, so you must have a plan in place if you want to remain in the United States once your TPS status ends.

 Adjust your status.

It is possible to adjust your immigration status if you have an immediate relative who is a U.S. citizen. Many immigrants with TPS status marry U.S. citizens and have children who are born in the United States.

A spouse or an adult child can help you obtain permanent residence status, as long as you have obtained legal entry documents (such as advanced parole). Your relative will need to work with an experienced immigration attorney to file the necessary paperwork to adjust your status before your TPS status ends to avoid potential deportation.

Complete the labor certification process.

Immigrants with TPS status can sometimes extend their stay in the United States through their employers. This process is referred to as labor certification. Processing times and travel requirements vary from one state to another when it comes to completing a labor certification application.

Your application must be submitted, reviewed, and ruled on before your TPS status ends, so plan accordingly. An immigration attorney can help you get started with the process and monitor deadlines to streamline the processing of your labor certification application.

Apply for cancellation of removal.

If your TPS status has already expired and you are in deportation proceedings, you may be able to file for cancellation of removal. This cancellation of removal petitions the government to stop your deportation so that you can care for your children who are U.S. citizens.

Although the approval rate for cancellation of removal petitions is low, it can take a number of years for the government to process your petition. This lengthy processing time can allow your children to mature, giving you the option of applying for permanent resident status to avoid deportation.

Only an experienced immigration attorney should be trusted to help you utilize a cancellation of removal to postpone deportation proceedings. Missing a filing deadline or filing the wrong forms could nullify your petition and result in immediate deportation. A law office like David Borts Law Office can help you avoid these consequences. 


12 August 2018